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Brand: Baja Designs | Category: Lighting


458030 OnX6, 30" Rock Guard Black
668001 Squadron Rock Guard, Black
668413 Squadron Series, Driving Combo Amber Lens Kit
640115 OnX6/S8/XL Off/On Harness-2 light max 150 watts
611049 Wiring Harness & Switch, Off Road Bikes (Universal)
557061AC Squadron Sport, LED KTM 2008-2013 w/ Headlight Shell Kits
602041 Taillight, KTM Euro LED Fender 2012-2016
126007 Stator Rewind, KTM 250/350/450XC-F/SX-F/XCF-W ('11-'16)
668405 Squadron Series, Wide Cornering Lens Kit
640122 OnX6/S8 Wire Harness w/Mode-1 Bar
660100 Black, S2, Rock Guard
668121 S2, Wide Cornering, Amber Lens
668415 Squadron Series, Amber Wide Cornering Lens Kit
640172 LP6 / LP9 PRO Wiring Harness
LP6 / LP9 Pro & Racer Edition
2 Lights Max
660302 OnX6, S8, XL & XL-R (Pro & Sport), Security Hardware Kit
668004 Amber, XL Rock Guard
458117 OnX6, Amber Driving/Combo Lens Kit
660300 S2/Squadron (Pro & Sport), Security Hardware Kit
668002 Amber, Squadron Rock Guard
708303 S8, Combo Lens Kit
640094 Ford Upfitter Wiring Harness, OnX6/S8
SQUADBEZEL-R Squadron-R Bezel (Pair)
640118 OnX6/OnX Wire Harness w/Mode-1 Bar max 325 watts
640127 Automotive RTL Harness
640130 Automotive RTL-S Turn Signal Harness
660205 S2 Series, Wide Cornering Lens Kit
660106 XL Series, Spot Lens Kit
613608 OnX6/S8/XL (Pro & Sport) Wire Harness Splitter - 3 Pin
660303 3/8" Tamperproof, Security Hardware Kit
640117 Squadron/S2 Off/On Wire Harness
2 lights max
150 watts
668403 Squadron Series, Combo Lens Kit
613607 Squadron/S2 Wire Harness Splitter
Adds 1 light
668003 XL Rock Guard, Black
640165 Pro & Sport 2-pin, 10' Extension
613606 Squadron Harness Splitter 55”
447135 Caliber 9 FJ Squadron Mount
613600 Baja Designs Squadron/S2 Wire Harness-3 light max 325 watts
668603 LP9 Series, Driving/Combo Lens Kit
660201 S2 Series, Spot Lens Kit
668401 Squadron Series, Spot Lens Kit
660019 Baja Designs Squadron Bezel
458116 OnX6 Lens Kit
Wide Driving
107004 RTL-M License Plate Mount Kit
640119 XL/OnX6 Hi-Power Wire Harness w/Mode-2 lights max 325 watts
640175 LP6 / LP9 SPORT Wiring Harness
LP6 / LP9 Sport
2 Lights Max
640172 LP4 / LP6 / LP9 PRO Wiring Harness
2 Lights Max
328301 LP9 White Spot Lens
788001 LED, IR Follow Me Light
458411 Black, OnX6, 10" Rock Guard
708313 S8, Amber Combo Lens Kit
660213 S2 Series, Amber Driving/Combo Lens Kit
BD-XL80-BZL Baja Designs XL80 Bezels
640111 Baja Designs UTV RTL-S Turn Signal Harness
668613 Baja Designs LP9 Lens Combo Amber
708201 S8 10" Rock Guard Black
FOGHRNS-14+TUN Baja Designs OEM Fog Wiring Harness 14+ Tundra
708301 S8, Spot Lens Kit
660203 S2 Series, Driving Combo Lens Kit
447134 Baja Designs Tacoma 30" S8 (16-On) Grille Mount Kit
SQUARE Squadron Sport Square Bezel
SQDSPT-MTHDWR Squadron Sport Mounting Hardware Kit
660101 Baja Designs S2 Spot Amber Lens Cover
660215 S2 Series, Amber Wide Cornering Lens Kit
660118 S1, Wide Cornering Amber Lens Kit
708304 S8 Lens Kit
Clear - Wide Driving
668703 LP4 Lens Kit
Clear - Driving / Combo
708314 Baja Designs S8 Wide Cornering Lens
708202 Amber, S8, 10" Rock Guard
668503 LP6 Series, Driving/Combo Lens Kit
660101 Amber, S2, Rock Guard (Single)
458412 Amber, OnX6, 10" Rock Guard

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