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OMP America Racing Seat Cooling Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: OMP America | Category: Seats
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HC/913 Racing Seat Cooling Kit
HC/914 Air Blower
For Racing Seat Cooling Kit

Product Description

New air cooling kit to be mounted on pre drilled seat shell (all OMP “Air” seats). This system gives a new level of cooling comfort to the drivers especially during long races in very hot condition. Apply HB/703 cushion (not included) to the seat to get the best cooling effect.

Kit includes:

  • A shell to be mounted on the back of the seat with included shaped adhesive tape (HC/913/G)
  • A connection hose (1,5” x 2mt) with inner metal spiral (HC/913/T) that can be fixed to the shell and to the blower HC/914 or to others air sources (inner intake of the car.)
  • A connection junction in rubber (HC/913/R)
  • 45deg connection junction in rubber (HC/913/R45)
    All components are sold also separately as spare parts

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